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Meditation: the Science, the Purpose, the Stages, and the Goal

The practice of Meditation is more than one of the eight limbs of the Classical practice of Yoga: it is present to some degree in all of them as they develop and unfold, both as a guide for course correction and as a goal to be realized. Join Matt and Holly Krepps for a weekend of diving deep into the ins and outs of basic and effective meditative practice. We'll review the latest modern science on how meditation transforms us at multiple levels, and how to understand and embody the progression of meditative stages outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra in ways that are simple and accessible. Each section is appropriate to all levels of practitioner, and will include posture practices and Pranayama that prepare the body, heart and mind for sitting. 

Date(s): Saturday March 10th & Sunday March 11th 2018
Time(s): 9am - 12pm & 2pm - 5pm / 9am - 12pm
Cost: Individual Sessions: $55 / Total Workshop: $150 - Register for ALL now!

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Saturday Morning 9a - 12p: the Nature of Personality and the Function of Meditation

How we see the world, what we react to, and where our motivations come from are all affected deeply by the presence of the human personality and the conditions from which it arose. If Yoga and meditation are ultimately about seeing the world and ourselves more clearly, we need to understand the role of personality in our perceptions and the reactions that they generate. The session includes posture practice, pranayama, meditation and group processing.

Saturday Afternoon 2p - 5p: the Shape-Shifting mind, the Flow of Perception and Concentration

In the Classical Yoga Tradition of Patanjali, the human mind manifests a nature and a set of behaviors that habitually unfold as it encounters the world and perception. Like any other phenomenon, it can be observed carefully in order to better understand and relate to its tendencies. Join Matt and Holly for an inquiry into the classical model of the relationship between mind, the senses, and perceptions to gain a clearer understanding into the experience of changing mental states and to develop strategies for relating to them in a purposeful and productive way. The session includes posture practice, pranayama, meditation and group processing.

Sunday Morning 9a - 12p: the basic steps of the Meditative practice, and how to stay on the Path

The Yoga tradition supports meditation practices that utilizes a rich tapestry of methods and approaches. For instance, our practice employs elements of the body, action, and breathing, elements of our emotional life via chanting and prayer, and elements of the intellect via study and contemplation. Regardless of the techniques that one settles on, progress is steady and sure if action and commitment arises from deep in the heart. It is therefore important to to inquire into what exactly inspires one's own faith, and to harness that understanding in difficult times so that one may stay on the path. Join Matt and Holly for an inquiry into the basic steps of the meditative practice, and the relationship between faith, inspiration, and the determination to show up for practice when challenges arise. The session includes posture practice, pranayama, meditation and group processing.