The kettlebell is one of the single most versatile and effective tools for any level of fitness. How effective is it? When used properly the kettlebell can:

• bring balance and coordination to your body 

• improve mobility and range of motion

• increase your body's resistance to injury

• burn fat and build muscle simultaneously

• burn up to 20 calories per minute

• build strength, durability, and mental toughness

Date:  Sundays - 10/22, 10/29, 11/5, (skip 11/12) 11/19
Time:   9:45am - 10:45am
Cost:  $60 for the full series / $15 drop in  REGISTER FOR THE SERIES NOW!!!!!

The magic is in the momentum, and technique is everything. This 4 week series will build off the 6 fundamental movements from the “Kettlebell Fundamentals” series. 

• Swing

• Clean

• Bottoms Up Clean

• Press

• Jerk

• Snatch

The first half of each session we will revisit these movements and conclude with an invigorating workout! You will feel the effectiveness of the kettlebell and learn how to integrate it in your fitness practice.  Click here to download the flyer