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Jane’s House 200 hour Teacher Training is the foundational training for aspiring Yoga Teachers as well as a deeply enriched experience for serious students who have a desire for a greater understanding of the 8-limbed path of Yoga. The program is designed to give teachers the necessary knowledge, experience, and technical tools to teach a yoga practice that meets the multifaceted demands of today's practitioners.

We teach you what is foundational to all of the styles of yoga you may encounter or have an interest in teaching, which means a thorough grounding in the five techniques of Hatha Yoga: stillness (asana), rhythm (vinyasa), breath (pranayama), integration (bandha) and presence (drushti).   You will learn how to arrange them and establish a dominant focus which moves them into the direction of "styles" like restorative, vinyasa flow or alignment-based practice. 

You will learn how to language and sequence these techniques through experience and understand through continuous creativity on your part.  Within the realm of orientation, or how to relate to any particular practice, students are taught that Yoga is practiced as self - inquiry, and surrender.

The training is structured around several key elements:

  • Technical training (particularly in posture practice, core actions, sequencing -vinyasa karma, pranayama and meditation).
  • History and philosophy (particularly with reference to the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and the Baghavad Gita).
  • Anatomy and physiology as applied to the practice.