Learn the womanly art of belly dance for fun and fitness!

belly dancing

Katie began studying Middle Eastern Dance in 1994 when she learned belly dance is therapy for your body, mind, and spirit. She and continues to study with teachers of Raks Sharki and other forms of belly dance as well as work with musicians to find dynamic ways to create artistic self expression. 

The class provides a space where positive body image is celebrated and the ancient tradition of women dancing together without judgment is shared.    The class focuses on technique and combinations as well as choreography.  All levels welcome to join.

Each class includes a warm up for stretching and toning followed by drills with aerobic dance moves and combinations.  The last portion will include current group choreography and a cool down.  Wear comfortable clothing and socks are optional.  Hip scarfs are suggested to help accent hip movements.  Practice scarfs are available borrow based on availability and also practice scarfs are available for purchase. 

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