I first discovered yoga posture, breathing techniques and meditation while attending college. When I graduated in 2001, I joined the workforce, and strayed a bit from the practice. The desire and calling for self-inquiry and mind/body/soul connection was always present, however.

I was blessed to discover Jane’s House of Well Being in 2010 and experience the Dynamic Yoga Method. After years of practicing as a student at the studio, I completed teacher training in August 2014 under the guidance of Robin Buck, Matt and Holly Krepps, Sarah Kadel, Christy Wetzel and all of the studio’s teachers that come back year after year to support. My practices and studies here at this beautiful studio have strengthened and inspired my desire to share that which has led me to greater awareness and compassion. From my own experience, I see all people that come into my life as a teacher, allowing me to see myself, others and the interconnected nature of life more clearly. I also see us all as students on the same path, one of greater self-realization, self-acceptance and surrender to that which is greater than ‘I’. To ‘teach’ is to serve and the greatest way I can serve as a ‘teacher’ is by holding the space for others as they journey within to find their own peace, confidence and compassion. Eternal gratitude and love also to the beautiful teacher Shelia Fazio for her teachings, support and friendship as well as her teacher, Saul David Raye, who I have been blessed to learn from.