The psychology of teaching: character development and learning methods.

Jane's House training curriculum has recently been revamped to take advantage of adult learning methods. This methodology is also taught to attendees by trainers experienced in those methods. Yoga is a transformational practice and as such requires teachers who can anticipate situations in which boundary or ethical issues may arise. A session on such is also included in the training. Other topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Pregnancy and other special populations, studio and financial management.

The teacher training program begins in October. A total of eight intensives will be conducted within one year. These courses form the base hours of the mandatory core curriculum of the Basic RYT teacher requirements. In addition, hours are completed through class observation, practice, teaching a minimum of one community yoga class and home-study. There is also a required reading list of books that must be completed prior to certification.

To be recommended to the Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher certified by Jane's House Studio, it is necessary to attend all of the training intensives, complete 200 hours, pass a comprehensive final examination, meet the financial obligation and must, in the opinion of the teacher training instructors, be able to competently and compassionately teach a basic yoga class.

While there is no time limitation for the completion of Yoga teacher training, the trainee is expected to attend training sessions on a regular basis and it is suggested that the training be completed within a year. If the teacher trainee does not attend training sessions for a period of one year, his or her application will be considered dormant and he or she will have to reapply for the program.

Each teacher training attendee receives a beautifully produced 200+ page manual containing illustrations and professionally photographed asanas.